GreenHouse Shader

GreenHouse Shader
Sunlight is one of the key inputs for crop growth. However, excess sun light causes crop damage and yield loss. Below is a list of cons to avoid, principles of GreenHouse Shader, its advantages and application notes
  • High light & high temperatures
  • Solar stress & sun damage
  • Slowdown of photosynthesis
  • Lower yield and low quality
  • Higher transpiration. Higher water and energy consumption
  • High cost of production
  • Difficult environment for worker, lower worker productiveness
  • Filtrates suitable wavelenghts for photosynthesis – Only PAR* pass
    * PAR : Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  • Prevents excess sun light
  • Decreases temperature to a suitable level for photosynthesis
  • Prevents solar stress and sun damage
  • Decreases transpiration, so less water and energy consumption
  • Decreases cost of production
  • Better working conditions
  • Productivity increase of workers
  • Can be used on greenhouses growing all kinds of crops
  • Extends the life of greenhouse materials
  • Optimum lasting on the surface
  • Easy to apply with horticulture sprayers
  • Adjustable shade density

For covering 1000m2 surface area

For 50% shade, use 6lt (1 bucket) with 100-120lt water

For less shade, use 4lt (2/3 bucket) with 100-120lt water

For more shade, use 12lt (2 buckets) with 150-160lt water