Agrosulf SC Fungicide

Agrosulf SC is a sulphur based fungicide, suitable for organic farming.
Agrosulf is effective in preventing, curing and stops sporing of fungus.
It works with lower utilization of sulphur, therefore with less impact on flora and fauna.
It is water soluable and does not require adjuvants for perfect spread
Reduces risk of phytotoxicity
Agrosulf SC should be started as soon as symptoms of fungus is observed and repeated every 15 days. Withdrawal period given in the “Usage” tab should be adhered to.

Product Details


Group : M2 – Fungicide
Active substance : Sulphur (CAS No:7703-34-9) 700 gr/lt
Physical : Liquid (low viscosity concentrate)

Available in plastic bottles, 1Lt, 5Lt, 10Lt and 20Lt


Crop Fungus Dosage Withdrawal
Vine Erysiphe Necator 350ml/100L water Stop usage 7 days before harvest
Tomato Levillula taunca 200ml/100L water Stop usage 7 days before harvest