AGROSULF-90 is an effective product in solving the lime and salts in the soil, reducing soil pH or in other words increasing the acidity of the soil. It increases bioavailability of macro nutrients (like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and micro nutrients (such as zinc, iron, manganese, cobalt) because of the adjusted pH value of soil. As it is in elemental sulphur form, it is up to four times more effective than sulphates and other sulphur compounds. It compensates for cold weather.

AGROSULF-90 is agricultural sulphur which is a combination of elemental sulphur (90%) and bentonite (10%). Depending on moisture present in the soil, Agrosulf-90 starts to dissolve with 4 to 7 days. Adjusting pH of soil and increasing bioavailability of macro and micro nutrients is accomplished within 3-4 weeks.

AGROSULF-90 should be mixed well when administered in the soild. Mixing with fertilizers does not have any restrictions. The sulphur added into the soil reduces the pH value, depending on soil temperature, soil moisture and quantity of sulphur oxidizing bacteria (thiobacillus bacteria).

AGROSULF-90 sulphur with bentonite does not harm green house covering materials. This is because its rate of converting to sulphate is 250 times more than powder sulphur.


Product Details

Granulized sulphur and bentonite

Sulphur : 90%

Bentonite : 10%

2-5mm radius discs, 1-2 mm height. Maximum 0.5% dust

25kg PPE bags